Holiday Inn Metrotown, Burnaby
December 1st – December 2nd, 2004


$495.00 when payment is received on or before Nov. 17th, 2004
$595.00 when payment is received after Nov. 17th, 2004
$295.00 Elders (over 65) and Students (must provide student ID) when payment is received on or before Nov. 17th, 2004

In many communities, the Housing Board (Committee / Authority) acts as the governing body of the First Nation’s housing programs. It operates under authority delegated by Chief and Council. The Terms of Reference define the Housing Board’s responsibilities, its authority, its composition, its procedures and rules of conduct, confidentiality, conflict of interest, and amendments. A clear Terms of Reference is essential for the long-term functional success of the Board.

The Housing Board is responsible for developing the policies and agreements that govern housing in the community. Governance structures are the backbone of any effective well-run housing program. The Housing Governance Workshop will help participants develop effective agreements, policies and procedures that can be used to govern housing in their community.
The following topics will be presented
at the Housing Governance Workshop

DAY 1 – December 1st, 2004
Session 1: Governance Overview – Authority, Responsibility, Delegation
Session 2: Governance Structures – Boards, Committees, Authorities
Session 3: Housing Board Terms of Reference
Session 4: Housing Board Terms of Reference

DAY 2 – December 2nd, 2004
Session 5: Housing Policies
Session 6: Housing Agreements
Session 7: Housing Agreements & Procedures
Session 8: Best Practices

See you there!

1. Housing Overview
2. Capital Planning for Housing
3. Social Housing Program
4. Housing Renovations
5. Housing Operations
6. Governance for Housing

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