Holiday Inn Metrotown, Burnaby
October 19th – October 20th, 2004

$495.00 when payment is received on or before Sept. 29th, 2004
$595.00 when payment is received after Sept. 29th, 2004
$295.00 Elders (over 65) and Students (must provide student ID) when payment is received on or before Sept. 29th, 2004

Housing Operations is where the rubber meets the road. Rents are collected, maintenance and repairs are undertaken, applications are processed, disputes are resolved, policies are enforced and procedures are followed. Managing the Housing Department is one of the most difficult jobs in a Band's Administration. If the policies are in place, if the procedures are followed, if the Housing Committee supports the Department's work, if everyone pays their rent - things are great. However, getting to this ideal can be very challenging.

The Housing Operations Workshop will cover all areas of a Housing Department’s operations. Housing finances, budget development, revenues & expenses will all be covered in detail. Discussions on different strategies to collect the rent and deal with arrears will highlight how some First Nations are succeeding in this area. The Workshop will review the relationship between Social Development and Housing and will help participants develop effective shelter allowance strategies. Housing operations can break-even. Participants will return to their communities with the tools to make it happen!
The following topics will be presented
at the Housing Operations Workshop

DAY 1 - October 19th, 2004
Session 1: Housing Operations Overview & Department Structure
Session 2: Housing Finances – Budget Overview
Session 3: Operational Expenses
Session 4: Operational Revenues

DAY 2 - October 20th, 2004
Session 5: Collections, Rents & Arrears
Session 6: Housing & Social Development
Session 7: Maintenance & Repairs, MMS
Session 8: Best Practices

See you there!

1. Housing Overview
2. Capital Planning for Housing
3. Social Housing Program
4. Housing Renovations
5. Housing Operations
6. Governance for Housing

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