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$495.00 when payment is received on or before April 5th, 2004
$595.00 when payment is received after April 5th, 2004
$295.00 Elders (over 65) and Students (must provide student ID) when payment is received on or before April 5th, 2004

Capital Planning for Housing is the process of defining the new construction and renovation program for a community over a period of years. The process defines what, where, when, and the sources of funding, for all Housing capital projects.

The Capital Planning for Housing Workshop will address all areas of the capital planning process, and will discuss them in terms of the First Nation on reserve reality – not textbook cases out of a department manual. Where the capital funding comes from and when it is available will be thoroughly covered. Financial resource issues will be put in the context of the different funding arrangements that First Nations have with Indian Affairs. Associated subjects such as land base and lot availability will also be discussed. An actual capital planning exercise will be carried out to show how the different elements factor into the capital planning process. Workshop participants will return to their communities with Capital Planning insights, skills and tools that will help them create and maintain a successful capital housing program.
The following topics will be presented
at the Capital Planning for Housing Workshop

DAY 1 – RESCHEDULED - new date to be announced.
Session 1: Capital Planning for Housing Overview
Session 2: New Construction vs. Renovations – Finding the balance
Session 3: New Construction – What to build and Where to build it
Session 4: Funding for New Construction

DAY 2 – RESCHEDULED - new date to be announced.
Session 5: Renovations – Programs, funding and timing
Session 6: The Capital Planning Process Example
Session 7: Thinking Outside of the Box – Innovation and Opportunity
Session 8: Best Practices

See you there!

1. Housing Overview
2. Capital Planning for Housing
3. Social Housing Program
4. Housing Renovations
5. Housing Operations
6. Governance for Housing

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