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$495.00 when payment is received on or before April 5th, 2004
$595.00 when payment is received after April 5th, 2004
$295.00 Elders (over 65) and Students (must provide student ID)when payment is received on or before April 5th, 2004

On-reserve housing is one of the most critical issues facing First Nation communities. In some communities, poor housing conditions threaten the health and safety of tenants and contribute to social problems. Added to this are declining levels of Federal funding and increasing populations. Taken together, these realities require new approaches to meet housing needs on reserve.

The Housing Overview Workshop is an excellent introduction to the complex housing issues facing First Nations. It is also a great forum for discussing strategies and solutions to address these issues. Participants at the workshop will leave with a better understanding of: how to develop successful operating strategies; how to put together capital housing projects; the need for governance structures; and how to secure funding for their projects. Participants will also have a great chance to network with individuals from across BC who are in many of the same situations as they are – sharing not only problems, but solutions too!
The following topics will be presented
at the Housing Overview Workshop

DAY 1 – RESCHEDULED - new date to be announced.
Session 1: An Introduction to On Reserve Housing
Session 2: CMHC, Indian Affairs and You
Session 3: Capital Planning for Housing
Session 4: Social Housing Program

DAY 2 – RESCHEDULED - new date to be announced.
Session 5: Renovations
Session 6: Housing Operations
Session 7: Housing Governance
Session 8: Best Practices

See you there!

1. Housing Overview
2. Capital Planning for Housing
3. Social Housing Program
4. Housing Renovations
5. Housing Operations
6. Governance for Housing

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